Let the shop logistics system into a marketing channel

financial crisis make more and more people to join the ranks of the network, to open a shop on the Internet has become the most users to earn a second income channel. Let their own shop to increase traffic and increase orders, is the owner of the night to think about things. How to search the Internet online promotion, I’m afraid there are millions of information, so there are a lot of methods, if you can follow these methods to do, indeed achieved good results.

Credit Union chief — huge shop for you to recommend a shop offline promotion way, make logistics system become shop marketing channels, is bound to open shop and logistics or courier company to deal with, which is an important part of the shop sales. The importance of this link many friends have made valuable comments. So how can we turn this link into a network to promote the publicity of the goods from the beginning of the mail to the customer design elements: customers, shopkeepers, local courier companies, destination courier company.

in these elements the elements can be used for me? The integrity of shop Union chief — huge thought: it is the local courier company, and the cost is very low.

1 print our brochure. The cost of printing paper leaflets is not high, the general 16 open red paper is also a piece of money, the cost of printing ten thousand yuan of 200 yuan. If it is 32, then the cost of only 100 yuan.

2 express company. This is an important part of the mass to talk about. Let’s read a marketing story: there was once a farmer planting fungus in the northeast, we’ll call him "sir.". At the beginning of the old man’s fungus sales can be, but are sold locally. Later, the county had a southern businessman, the acquisition of a large number of fungus, cash check. We pick the important thing. The old man decided not to kind of fungus, and his son went to the foreign businessmen that work, the southern businessmen close to the fungus were weighed every day, bagging. What is he going to do? He wants to know the merchants to sell in the end to the south where the fungus can, merchants always tight lipped, very secure. The old man asked his son to print a large number of his own business cards, to indicate their own information, and then put them into the bottom of the sack. Here should know what will happen, the businessman put fungus wholesale to wholesalers, wholesalers, open the sack poured fungus, will see this name card, which make the old gentleman free advertising for a long time, there are some wholesalers active contact with mr.. Finally, the old man started his own business. You can think of our shop how to cooperate with the courier company!! is to let the courier company to help us send leaflets. Express company every day a large number of goods to the circulation, with departure, have a harbor, no matter which side are connected with an online shopping experience and online shopping habits of customers. More than 90% of this group is willing to shop online. If you can seize this part of the group, the sales of the network is twice the result with half the effort.

3 negotiate with courier company. Let the courier company to help you send leaflets, mainly in

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