Online shopping will usher in a new round of growth

After the

financial crisis, the end-user consumer philosophy, especially in Europe and the United States end user groups will be what kind of changes in consumer philosophy there are two different views of the industry. One view is that the financial crisis is just an episode, the end user groups do not have a long-term impact on the concept of consumption, such as the financial crisis, that is, to restore the original concept of consumption – borrow money to spend. Another view is that the financial crisis will change the consumption concept of foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States end user groups, will not return to the original era of borrowing money. The author is a recognition of the latter point of view, although a good scar to forget the pain, but in the same place to continue to make the same mistake, it is not so easy to do.

based on the above point of view, I believe that in the post financial crisis era, online retail sales will usher in a new round of growth. The reasons are as follows:

: according to the data released by the relevant agencies, during the Christmas season of European and American retail market recovered gradually improved, and the ratio of performance to price more excellent products is the European retail selling products on the market, with the financial crisis in the past, European retail market share will continue to increase, and the terminal user groups with the change of consumption concept, more end users in the consumer, pay more attention to the performance price ratio of the product. The online retail channels to these users to choose the best channel for the performance price ratio of better products. According to iResearch released data show that the European and American countries accounted for more than 90% of the total online shopping group of Internet users, further explained that the online retail channel is the inevitable choice of end user groups. The status of Chinese made products in the world, has been one of the best performance value ratio.

two: the arrival of the financial crisis too many Chinese enterprises especially foreign trade enterprises traditionally suffered heavy losses, had to choose a way to survive, some enterprises export to domestic sales, some companies choose to expand multi-channel mode, and online retail channels is required more and more enterprises, the author shows investigation in some manufacturers in Guangzhou last month, 83% of the manufacturers have launched online retail business. This is also one of the main reasons for the rapid development of China’s online retail market this year. If the online retail was still puzzled if these traditional foreign trade enterprises to choose a year ago, changed a year later to their online retail familiarity, both the awareness of online retail channels, or the basic rules of online retail, after the original period of accumulation, has not novice in electronic commerce.

three: operation platform for expansion of the supply and demand sides more choice, with the expansion of eBay in Chinese, with Alibaba launched overseas retail market platform, with the other third party international trading platform, online retail channels to sell the foreign trade China group provides more channels are also provided more choices to consumers abroad.

The absolute increase in

supply and demand market, decided to expand the market share, so we have reason to believe that, after.

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