Millet TV series three 51 full free membership platform selling it

got the news from April 30th to May 2nd, millet TV, zero 24, millet TV 3/3S full range of products will be hot in the millet network, Tmall official flagship store, millet millet Jingdong official flagship store platform three spot, it is worth mentioning that, in this period of three days the user to buy any of a millet TV, can free access to a value of 88 yuan millet TV membership (Iqiyi VIP membership) RMB, massive hit TV drama, massive, massive tracts of independent broadcast network drama, only for you free of charge, there are many privileges and benefits only your own



as the industry’s leading smart TV brands, millet TV has been fully covered 43 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches, and, in 60 inches, 65 inches, the most popular TV market size. Millet TV 3 (55 inches, 60 inches, 70 inches) were launched in October 2015 and in December. As the next generation of new smart TV, using split design advanced, 60 inch 4K screen really original LG standard, independent TV audio, full metal body design, built-in MStar 6A928 TV processor, with flagship hardware configuration. 55 inches and 60 inches is only the screen is different, in the performance, sound, system, content has the same excellent experience. The 70 inches of the use of the original SHARP 4K screen, this product means the release of 70 inch TV officially entered the era of wanyuanxin. The introduction of millet TV 3 split and thin, but also to drive the entire TV split.

millet TV 3S (43 inches, 48 inches, 65 inches curved) is just launched last month, new products. 43 inches and 48 inches, gold size high-end flagship. 48 inches original Samsung Full HD LCD screen, with 178° wide viewing angle and 4000:1 static contrast. The metal fuselage, only 9.9mm thick, Aluminum Alloy frame, brushed metal back design, bending rate of less than 1/1000 points five, both thin and tough. Price is only 1999 yuan. Make the best TV in the world, so that everyone can afford it. As millet’s first 65 inch curved TV, majestic and elegant, full metal body, on the back of the metal panel, the thinnest at only 5.9 mm, again to cutting-edge technology and art combined. Favored by users, attention, unique appearance and technology and strong performance caused by the industry and outside the unanimous praise.

millet TV product principles have been: hardware and content should be the best in the world. Millet to spend billions of dollars to establish hundreds of video website alliance, core video content categories include movies and TV series, variety, animation, sports, children, education, documentary, ecology has been way ahead. Millet TV won the 2015 Chinese cinema box office top 10 large, 81 films released Chinese billions of dollars at the box office, there are 74 landed millet tv. Since the beginning of 2016, millet and millet TV boxes have been launched "Mermaid", "Star Wars", > 7

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