SF transcript test water and electricity sales of nearly 400 million will push the business platform


technology news January 16th morning news, the preferred SF SF electricity supplier brand water for more than a year to hand over the transcripts, with annual sales of nearly 400 million yuan, and the success of the SF group has accumulated experience, preferably in the next will be to promote direct mining, improve the depth and in the food cold chain.

increase direct mining

according to the preferred SF President Li Dongqi introduced, although there is no profit, but the line a year to nearly 400 million yuan in sales, has reached the expected. And then the best option is to increase the direct purchase of the content, which will allow the optimal gross margin of more than 30%, earnings expectations are very strong.

but Li Dongqi said, preferably with the entire electricity supplier industry, there are still gaps, after all the food business is still relatively small minority, and the optimization of the continuation of the low-key role SF long, users don’t know too much about the preferred. From the inside, preferably in the selection of supply chain efficiency, are still much room for improvement.

SF started making electricity supplier, it is generally not too optimistic, and preferably also in the voices of doubt, Li Dongqi said to the fourth quarter of 2013, the suspect has rarely, but from internal indicators, found that consumers preferred viscosity is very high, the whole team has established a lot of confidence.

preferred the next important step strategy, is an open platform for direct mining, make food businesses of their own management platform of commodities in sf. Li Dongqi recently in the first half to run all over the country, the main thing is to see some of the characteristics of high quality, but always do OEM food factories, such as meat and milk factory, get feedback, make Li Dongqi feel preferred to establish good business model.

For example, for example,

milk factory, Li Dongqi investigation of a furniture factory has a modern line of milk, milk quality is very good. From the price, the price of these dairy farms to the brand is probably about 5 yuan per liter, but if the direct processing and packaging by SF sales, the price per liter to 14 yuan, and in the end consumers, is still cheap and high quality milk, is basically a win-win situation.

for these direct mining products, the best plan to establish an open platform, inviting businesses to enter the direct management of their goods. Although the electricity supplier in 2013 competition is very intense, but Li Dongqi believes that the current online food retail share of less than 1%, a variety of opportunities will be very much.

for good luck in 2013 business is low-key water, "do not do not want to go before large-scale promotion." Li Dongqi said that although this year will continue to maintain a sound development, but the growth of 100% should be no problem, and will try to promote the market and users.

accumulated service experience for the group

SF was built another important purpose is to accumulate experience preferred, the electricity supplier for the group, and will express business tentacles even the electricity supplier industry.

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