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double eleven after twelve depression more, but between eleven and twelve double turned in addition to a "black Friday", the leading black Friday is the Amazon, Amazon China in ten years, look at Ali, the Jingdong to thrive, but he has been in the same place, according to the relevant data reports, the Amazon has China electricity market only 1.1% of the share, but in 2015 the State Council to boost the Internet plus era, Amazon began in the "cross-border" force, as the global purchase as the theme of the double eleven, although the refresh data once, and from overseas transactions without a news report, in eleven, the cross-border electricity supplier a large block is covered by "black Friday"


double eleven Ali not much breakthrough in cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier does not mean no future development, some people think that restricting the development of a large platform will inhibit the cross-border electricity supplier, according to data from the 2014 total, the national electricity supplier of cross-border transactions is 4 trillion, 2015 is expected 5 trillion and 200 billion, 2016 is 6 trillion and 500 billion. In 2013, for example, cross-border electricity occupy national import and export ratio of 12.1%, in fact, is not from the electricity supplier hot when cross-border trade has been very popular, many domestic and foreign enterprises, in order to achieve synchronization, even the rest time is

at night!

as a business platform such as Alibaba, Jingdong, now focus on two directions, one is to go out of the country, the cross-border electricity supplier, the other one is the channel sink, rural electricity supplier route, it also reflects the development of the electricity supplier has entered a bottleneck period, want to have a break, or occupy the rural market, either to explore the international market, but for the business platform in the international market, more competitive


is a competitor from

Amazon, eBay in the early stage of Ali, has opened a cross-border road, however, the local electricity supplier counterattack, eBay to Ali, Amazon is still not before, this may be the reason but The climate does not suit one., once the domestic enterprises to go abroad, but also have old rivals meet, and all the old and recent grudges. Lost the local advantage of the domestic electricity supplier industry, is also going through eBay, Amazon like and had suffered


two is the domestic foreign trade industry competition

in Shanghai construction site customers as an example, as early as ten years ago, foreign trade website is a website construction industry, most of the fire is said, China foreign trade industry has long been a business through the Internet and foreign enterprises to do business. In order to expand cross-border business enterprise as an example, China cross-border business through e-commerce platform for all kinds of foreign enterprises have more than and 20, cross-border electronic business platform enterprises reached more than 5 thousand, there are nearly 400 million parcels through cross-border electricity supplier logistics and export every year, there are more than 1 billion pieces of goods through cross-border e-commerce sold around the world, and the number of as the cross-border electricity supplier hot constantly refresh. Compared with the rural electricity supplier, perhaps is a virgin, but.

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