When the mobile phone payment to blossom everywhere

is currently in Shanghai with a mobile phone to buy tickets to World Expo, Starbucks coffee, brush the phone is not a new thing to take the subway, but in Beijing, these mobile payment business is almost stopped.

for the same business, why Shanghai and Beijing both have a consumer enthusiasm? "Looks beautiful" mobile phone payment, how to "blossom everywhere"


huge mobile payment market

mobile phone tickets is a major innovation in information technology in Shanghai, World Expo, is the first of the world expo.

China Mobile Shanghai company deputy general manager Mao Weiliang data in an interview with reporters, "mobile phone tickets" not only saves the trouble ticket queue, simplifies the issuance, purchase and distribution process, and can let you not hide; the ticket is also very convenient, the mobile phone in the sensing area of the "brush" to complete. At the same time, the number of passenger flow can be aggregated to the real-time admission Expo information management platform.

iResearch released the "2009 China mobile phone payment development report" data show that in 2009 Chinese mobile phone payment market transactions was 2 billion 400 million yuan, 790 million yuan year-on-year growth in 2008 202.6%, is expected in 2010 China mobile phone payment market size will reach 2 billion 845 million yuan, mobile phone payment users will exceed the total number of 150 million households.

phone, in addition to call, send text messages, take photos, Internet, you can brush the phone to buy things. In Europe, Japan, South Korea, brush phone subway, shopping is now quite common. Forbes survey report shows that in 2008 the total number of mobile phone users in Japan accounted for 38.5% of the total population, mobile payment market reached $4 billion 730 million, accounting for 11% of the total revenue of the mobile Internet industry. At present, China has more than 780 million mobile phone users, the future if the current Japanese mobile phone users to pay about 40% penetration calculation, the number of Chinese mobile phone users is expected to pay more than 300 million of the huge consumer market.

mobile payment business once the popularity of mature, mobile payment will be related to the industry chain and business opportunities. China’s three operators are to bring mobile payment data services as the future development of blue ocean". When talking about the market prospects of mobile phone payment business, China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou said the day before, now plans to create 10 billion yuan scale business.

awkward mobile payment standard

payment market in the current enormous potential for Chinese mobile phone, there are payment standards, network structure and communication protocol of three telecom network itself, seamless access to awkward questions.

industry analysis, the development of mobile payment is to focus on what standards. China Mobile is the main push 2.4GHz communication frequency RF-SIM mobile payment standards, or by the China UnionPay led 13.56MHz NFC (close communication) payment standard. ">

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