Jiang Zhimin the story of enterprise website construction ten mistakes

enterprise network marketing service is the most basic premise is the enterprise must have a web site, and communication with customers in the process I found that many enterprise website construction planning had existed many mistakes, making the site completely out of the meaning and value of his actual, last corporate website is easy to build a freak, resulting in enterprise network marketing website and give up.

a, the enterprise website construction of no plan:

a lot of companies are suddenly thinking and immediately implement the company’s Web site, there is no planning on the site and application planning. Such designers as release rate is very low, at the same time the enterprise to see the design comp is vacant, finally has not finalized in enterprise website construction cannot continue.

two, compare enterprise website construction:

this type of error is the longest to see, because it is business owners do not love to see the same industry enterprises more than their peers, see the enterprise website, he asked the staff to give me a site construction company than they have to be a good corporate website will".

you don’t even know where people are good, how do you get over each other?

three, ideal enterprise website construction:

many companies see other enterprises through the expansion of enterprise capital and sales channel network marketing rapidly, while the loss into the enterprise network marketing, and the ideal that you can see immediate benefits, a lot of crazy devotion.

enterprise website and network marketing is a means of marketing and sales, product quality and sales of the product quality itself there are many aspects are closely related, so to go big business strategy, the network is not so magical.

four, personalized website construction

always like to say: I like this website, I like this navigation, I like to put this in here.

would you like to see your company’s Web site only? Do you like the user will like it?

five, imitation website construction:

I like his home site, I feel good, you follow his home site for me to do it!

every site has his own ideas, and he is only suitable for its own company, imitate each other’s website is only an appearance of imitation, and the final revision upgrade is a big problem, because you don’t know what is the characteristics and design ideas of this website.

six, no experience website construction:

super flash animation, a large number of pictures, super text, the enterprise resources of all fall on the website.

users looking for companies is to obtain valuable information, rather than read novels to come!

seven, no content enterprise website:

more than 50% of the country

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