AdSense how to make your message get a quick reply

      a lot of publishers have found that sometimes your email gets a reply soon, and sometimes it takes longer, so how can you get a quicker response?

      in the AdSense group has all aspects of experts to answer questions for you, so the title of the clear message will be able to get expert answers faster. In order to facilitate the publishers to send us a clear message, we help in the center of the "contact us" page Specially set up a detailed classification of the problem, as shown in figure


      best reflect your question title, your problem will be the fastest to reach the experts, and get accurate answer.

      in addition, we found that many publishers in the face of new problems still love and contact us by replying to the old mail, but this is not in favor of the problem on your quick answer, because the problem is not completely around the issues related to the needs of different experts to answer your questions. Therefore, we suggest that when you have a new problem, you need to contact us, do not reply directly to the old mail, but through the "contact us" link to select the appropriate title to send us a new email.

      another point to remind you is, please use your account associated with the mailbox, that is, you log on to the account used to write us a mailbox. Because we often need to check your account when you answer your questions, if you use the account associated with the account, we can easily see your account information and answer your questions. If you use other mailboxes, we can not find your account, you can only ask you to use the account to re send e-mail account Association, which will delay a lot of time.

      we have been working hard, hoping to get a faster and better solution to the issue of publishers, we are also very grateful to you for your understanding and support.

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