Honey bud CFO Sun Wei two child policy is a major positive for cross border electricity supplier

day before the sixth session of the China Investment Summit held in Shanghai. Honey bud CFO Sun Wei was invited to attend the summit, and as Roundtable guests, and the blue ocean pier CEO once, jackfruit founder Zhang Zhendong and Credit Suisse Global purchase investment experts "common talk about cross-border electricity – a new generation of Chinese consumption upgrade".

Roundtable forum, Credit Suisse Asian Internet Research Director Verdi pointed out that a new generation of Internet Chinese keen, led to the rapid development of China e-commerce and O2O services. He believes that the current momentum of rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier in China, the first half of 2015, the scale of cross-border electricity supplier transactions reached 2 trillion yuan, an increase of 42.8%, accounting for China’s total import and export value of 17.3%. After the opening of two-child policy, cross-border electricity permeability by 2020 is expected to at least double. At the same time, with the support of national policy, the development of cross-border electricity supplier will be faster and faster.


for the national two-child policy fully liberalized, honey bud CFO Sun Wei said: open the two children to be implemented, which means food, toys, maternal and child health care, children’s clothing, children’s education and training industry will usher in the explosive growth. Let go of two children can alleviate the pressure of aging population, but also to stimulate consumption, while the mother and baby industry is a major positive. But 80~ 90 after the birth of the young people, the general pressure, there are four under the age of two small, prospective students and willing to live between how far remains to be seen. Specific to the maternal industry, consumer products, such as milk, diapers and other further parity; cart, car seat, electric pump, food machine and other large high priced goods more popular. Sun Wei said that in the past two years, the mother of the industry concerned about the heat continues unabated, in the capital market, maternal and child electricity supplier is also popular. For example, in September of this year, honey bud on the completion of the D round of $150 million financing, financing after the valuation of close to $1 billion – which is from the honey bud in line on March 2014, just 18 months. It can be said, in the mother and the cross-border double tuyere, the development of cross-border electricity supplier is worth expecting.


honey bud CFO Sun Wei Roundtable on investment in China released the views of the forum

later, in an interview with CNBC, Sun Wei further explained, from the macroscopic angle, good future two-child policy, will be reflected in the middle-class family in the child’s consumption to further expand; the micro level, is a major positive for all electricity suppliers, but honey bud is no exception. In fact, Taobao is on the left vertical represent the general trend because the only way to achieve the brand, independent and profit maximization. In terms of honey bud, after opening Taobao to do very successful, currently registered users have more than five million people, more than 60% of the profits are derived from non-standard items. Today, honey bud is not just selling maternal and child supplies electricity supplier, or to lead the parenting trend, improve the family life habits of parents guide.

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