Talk about the operation of local talent network

talk about the operation of local talent network

do local talent network ( has been a few months, talk about their own experience and feelings.

first you have to look at the city where you are, the size of the market is not a big cake, people will not agree with the network recruitment.

OK after this market, and then began to do, to develop a powerful program, I think even if the need for too much money, you can buy a commercial version of the program. Now some of the commercial version of the program is to take over can be used, and the function is very powerful, very perfect after-sales, so we do not need to spend too much on the process of the above. We have to consider. Need a huge talent recruitment database, the database how to get it? There is no good way, is to manually add a little bit to. Why is it manually, as much as you add this information is useful information, not spam, so that everyone is responsible.


is publicity, this part is the most difficult, and most of the money, of course you have to look at your money to burn the worth of it, first of all should be the cooperation of the media is in the newspaper, the newspaper published a full page advertisement, to give people a visual impression, and then is the radio, the radio is a very good choice, city taxi, the bustling city of loudspeakers, a large flow of people, this will give you laid the foundation of talent you. Followed by the enterprise, you need to put your site using the telephone marketing, or salesman to promote the form, so that they know that your professionalism, can really bring benefits to them.

A is the actual promotion, website, network promotion is the most important, I think it is a search engine optimization, we do not need to get what is hot keywords, city name + talent network, these three words, I think it is the most Internet users search, of course some city will exception, therefore, accurately grasp the live in the local search engine keywords, will bring you a lot of membership.

final tips point: the choice of the domain name, general code +job or city +job don’t get too ~~

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