Two weeks worth by 1 billion 300 million Langya list behind the production companies have done


in the industry is not well-known film and television production company, how in just two weeks worth by 1 billion 300 million? If one of the mentioned is Confucian meaning pictures of the hit drama "Nirvana in Fire" production company, you are not also know? With the IP boom set off, hand in some low cost high box office the commercial TV drama hoarding also makes Confucianism Italian film have a bargaining power. In this paper, we study the investment experience from the case of Langya.



chairman Zhu Ye and Warren Buffett for "the history of the most expensive lunch" after only 1 months, the gods of entertainment once again become a hot market.

the evening of October 7th, God entertainment announced that the companies involved in the establishment of the fund intends to cash 1 billion 323 million yuan investment in Beijing Confucianism is intended to Showtime Film Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Confucian meaning pictures), after the investment is completed, the fund will hold 49% stake in Confucianism Italian film. According to this estimate, Confucianism Italian film valuation reached 2 billion 700 million yuan.

Confucian meaning pictures may not famous, but if you mention the hit drama "Nirvana in Fire", I believe many people have heard, Confucianism Italian film is the product of the company. It is understood that this year at the end of 9, the technology holding just stopped on Confucian meaning pictures acquired, and its takeover offer for 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of the entire equity interest. Why only two weeks apart, Confucianism Italian film took almost doubled back to the capital market worth sight? Analysys International analyst Hao Qian told the "daily economic news" reporter said, God entertainment acquired the Confucianism Italian film, their value is hoarding in the hands of IP resources; since last year launched the IP boom still in the last, and Confucian meaning pictures and some low cost high box office commercial television experience, which also makes it have a bargaining power.

Confucianism Italian film valuation by 1 billion 200 million yuan

entertainment gods announcements, entertainment gods creative fund and Confucianism Italian film and its shareholders signed the "investment agreement". God and set the entertainment fund to obtain a business license in two weeks ago, the total size of the fund is not more than 1 billion 420 million yuan, by the gods of entertainment, the country Jinding Xing Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Mao Investment Management Center (limited partnership) joint venture. The gods of entertainment to be invested 200 million yuan, Shanghai Rong Mao and its affiliates invested not more than 250 million yuan, the country Jinding Xing is responsible for raising not more than 970 million yuan. Through this acquisition, the gods entertainment will receive Confucianism Italian film about 7% of the shares.

Confucian meaning pictures for the main business of TV drama planning, production, and its derivatives business, is the leading Internet based data analysis on the basis of the film and television content development, the production of the company. Confucianism Italian film since its inception, planning has produced many film and television works, such as "we eventually lost youth", "old boy’s way of the dragon", "age 3", "time", "4 a spoon" and other movies, "Li Chuntian spring", "Peking no the war", "left hand"

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