The more fragmented era of the need for a more complete user experience

2012, Google on-line map time line features. This feature records the geomorphic changes that began in 1984, and they recently updated the data to 2016.

this is the change of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau from 1984 to 2016. Glaciers melt.


this is a change in Nanjing, the city circle in the expansion of green in the reduction.


pictures from the official website of Google timeline

maps can be used not only to navigate, but also to be the observer of the city and the earth.

this new technology to bring a new experience, in the past is unthinkable. Internet technology is highly developed, fragmented today, consumers are more and more intelligent, and thus the enterprise product and brand marketing presents a new challenge.

before a news, a poster, a copy of the consumer will be able to conquer. Now think of beauty. Today, the layout of digital marketing has been similar to the complexity of the traffic network.


data source

consumer attention increasingly fragmented, so that the original unique sales proposition theory, brand image theory, brand positioning theory has gradually lost its magic.

began to cooperate with the frog and apple, the concept of complete user experience began to explore the market. We all know that. This concept is not only a design or marketing concept, but also a strategy. Why do you say that?

we talk about the user experience from the concept, the output and the execution level.

user experience concept

user experience output

user experience execution

user experience concept

1993, don · Dr. Norman and apple in the discussion of personal computer design, the concept of the "user experience". What consumers need is not just a product, but a whole experience from the senses to the emotions.

I invented the word, because I think the user-friendly interface and ease of use is too narrow. I would like to use a system to cover all aspects of human experience, including industrial design, graphic, interface, human-computer interaction and guide.

– Tang · Norman 1998


strategy is about global planning. So we met apple, not just a ipod, a iPhone, a Mac. ITunes, Apple store, apple line >

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