Website production and construction is the cornerstone of the network marketing process

website production, can also be said to web site construction, web production, web design, no matter what word, the meaning is the same, that is to do a website or web page. After several years of network sales and work, the author believes that the construction of the site should be the cornerstone of the entire network marketing, is a very important aspect, the main should pay attention to the following points:

, the overall marketing concept. The construction site is in the network marketing is an indispensable link, it is a link in the entire marketing system, so in the construction site before, it is best to the company and the marketing concept of organic combination, combine traditional marketing and network marketing, combine online and offline, do organic according to various departments, it will enhance network application effect and work efficiency, will certainly take the unexpected harvest.

two, website construction aesthetic problems. The site is the face of the company, it is a symbol of the strength of the company, so in the process of making web site in the need to show the strength of the company, the company’s overall image, the class of the company, designed to meet your company product characteristics, strength characteristics and image characteristics of the site, without the pursuit of beauty.

three, site dynamic and static selection problem. Now do usually have a dynamic website, rotating static website and pure static website. Each of these has an advantage, of course, if there is a static web site to do the site will be better. But if there is no rotating static program, I suggest using the dynamic website, because you can update your website, the latest information can be released at any time of the company and products, can make your site frequently updated, let the customer feel something new. There is a part of the use of the pure static website, this website is good for search engines, can display personalized title, contribute to the site optimization, get good rankings, but the update is a big problem. If the content is less, it is not a problem; but if the products, technical information and company information more, it is very inconvenient, your responsibilities will be more and more heavy, I think this is the return to before, do not recommend the use of pure static website.

four, website maintenance and update and other details. In your website built, should pay attention to the following details: there is no error 1, check the website text, pictures and contact information and other aspects; 2 of the website, telephone must leave or understand the business is good at business exchanges of the phone, it is easier to communicate and contributed to the order of the transaction; the level of 3, on the site leave the company fixed telephone answering personnel. Be sure to understand the business professionals stay on the phone, to avoid business people do not know how to answer the phone, so as not to cause the loss of orders. 4, the site should be regularly updated and maintained, in order to ensure that customers see the latest information to help target customers to solve some difficult problems, increase the user’s dependence on the site.

five, the choice of network companies. The choice of partners must be careful. >

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