Technology trends in 2017 inventory of 15 companies worth noting

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NetEase science and technology news January 2nd news, foreign media VentureBeat recently written inventory of the 15 most noteworthy companies in 2017, Magic Leap, IFTTT and other well-known companies are on the list.

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With the end of 2016,

people are predicting what will happen in the coming year, the trend of science and technology. Virtual reality, on-demand services, chat robots will shine again in 2017, the industry will focus on communications applications, network security and artificial intelligence do?

is the next 12 months VentureBeat inventory of the most noteworthy of the start-up companies in the next 15 months. In the rankings.


1 Eaze


uses Eaze mobile apps to select marijuana

in November, more than four states voted to legalize marijuana: California, Nevada, Maine and massachusetts. As a result, marijuana suppliers are now able to legally enter a potentially large market, Eaze is trying to take advantage of this. The company has entered nearly 100 cities in California, has delivered more than 200 thousand patients with medical marijuana. The company, known as Uber in the cannabis industry, recently received $13 million in financing, including DCM Ventures, Tusk Ventures and Fresh VC. Its current goal is to expand into new markets.

voters seem to have for the Eaze to enter the market to pave the way, while the other one for the company should pay attention to the event was the founder of Keith · Makati (Keith McCarty) this month announced the departure of CEO, but the commitment will continue to serve as the company’s strategic advisor. Chief product and technology officer Jim · (Jim Patterson) will succeed CEO. The company said Paterson has a management background and technical capabilities, so he is the industry’s rapid growth during the leadership of the most powerful candidate Eaze.

is one of the first companies to focus on cannabis distribution, and Eaze is expected to be an important part of the field, but there are other startups in the market. Eaze’s competitors include GreenRush, Meadow Care, Nugg and Speed Weed. In the future, it is worth noting how Eaze will respond to its own internal growth, as well as political and regulatory factors.

2 Magic L>

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