Network marketing Diary of three serial bitter article

"network marketing diary" is a network marketing work experience, I hope the network marketing people can find their own shadow, have triggered.

if you can’t eat bitter, so please do not do marketing, this sentence is very popular in marketing circles, of course, it is unclear who said that, when it comes to some articles may be I say it is really so, advertisers, marketing people, you need to do the work, many times more than any other industry.

marketing work and other work is not the same, some other work is very straightforward, for example, some white-collar workers, they just put something within the scope of treatment can be better, but those who do not do marketing, some of the work you do may be many, but marketing the effect is not very good experience, your work is in vain, you may do is futile.

to do marketing people, many will put some product sales and other hook, if in the company, the more requirements and targets, even if you don’t finish so no one will love you, but the fact is that, although marketing is physical, is more of a brain fatigue.

I personally admire advertising is Mr. Ye Maozhong, he is in television advertising, television advertising actually looks simple, but it is very difficult, because you need to express what you want to say, in a very short period of time he said, I want to order a creative, I may sit 10. An hour, we imagine, do marketing people, how the brain is tired.

of course, he now has a very strong team, the successful case is also very much, personal brand is also very good, but there are a few people know some of his troubles, I do network marketing, I don’t need to consider the expression in a very short period of time most of the time, such as soft Wen marketing, I only need to this article clearly can, by contrast, this is a lot easier, so I think some of the network marketing work for people who don’t feel that you have been very tired, marketing itself is hard work.

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