The masters is how leveraging the success

have a saying called the self-taught, there is a saying we would normally be learned without teacher, so that people become "genius". However, in fact, not everyone can be self-taught, not everyone can be learned without teacher, this is too little, at least you beside me is not that successful people appear.

a lot of successful people you go to the interview or understanding, you will understand how much time he spent in the study in the study, more importantly, with a lot of cattle X people have studied. In fact, a study is also leveraging the. And you, not yet.

The so-called

leveraging, refers to the use of force or other resources to achieve their goals. Leveraging is a great wisdom, is a wise behavior. In ancient times, "and" borrow borrow arrows with thatched boats "Chibi fire" is leveraging the perfect expression; in modern times, many individuals and companies will adopt this kind of way to achieve the target.

I want to talk about today is:

1, with the teacher’s benefits

2, self taught suffering

3, with the success of the case

4, find the teacher’s method

what are the benefits of being a teacher?

1, off the shelf approach, immediately effective

find a real master as a teacher, a great progress, can directly learn the most practical method has been successfully verified, these methods has been tested the effects of


2, save time and effort, this is the shortcut

the teacher to go through the road, do not have to force their own time to spend every day to explore, and then a few years, more than ten years, a lot of process to go again. Save time and effort, this is a shortcut. Youth is not successful early et al, early benefit, touch the most misery.

3, easy access to expert circle


has been successful or have certain achievements, the teacher’s circle is your circle, follow the teacher can easily go to a variety of successful expert circles, every day with all kinds of expert learning exchanges, to progress is very difficult. Expert N circle cooperation opportunities or possibilities, as long as the courage to pay returns beyond your imagination.

two, self taught suffering

is not the Internet business or offline business, many people love behind closed doors, this approach is not desirable, more opinionated people, think that the Internet search what free tutorial methods have vast amounts of information, he can understand will learn. In fact, the system is not a waste of information.

what they learn, what to see, what is not fine, nothing. You can understand everything on the surface, but you can’t do it well.

in the end what are the pain of self?

1, the wrong choice, all in vain

N when many people start a business, what is the fire

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