DC promotion exchange resources to meet the needs of the webmaster

as a small Webmaster Station, often meet with the requirements of IDC resources exchange advertising requirements. There is a national famous IDCxx Internet, again and again over the negotiations, no final agreement.

analysis of the psychology of IDC, found that there are some of the resources exchange advertising unreasonable conditions:

IDC provides space, no matter how large, basically no database matching, of course, for larger customers, they will provide. But most sites are difficult to meet the requirements. This makes the space become chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. Will become the soft underbelly of free space. If they buy the database alone, so it is uneconomical, perhaps spend more money, but also subject to elbow.


IDC provides free room not how, but advertising isn’t low, demand is the most prominent website the best selling BANNER, but also the head of baaner, you think, as a webmaster, you will promise to give him, also requires more than one ad, say really sweat.

analysis of the main site, even if the free space, can do for site space, can only save the data space, will be a data storage, you still need to use a space to buy it, so, this space does not have what use, the owners also have to spend money, also, the ranking of the site moves on, when the website advertising is easy to sell, the main site is not to let their IDC resources are wasted, that such cooperation can not be a long time.

IDC promotion resources for advertising man, to specific analysis of the requirements of the webmaster, put down his face, may reach the success rate will be higher.

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