The club won the Fosun Group of tens of millions of A round of financing to connect people objects

oriental culture can become a good business?


36 krypton reporter was informed that the craftsman hand club business platform has recently completed tens of millions of A+ round of financing, lead investor Fosun group.

boss on the line in May 2015, is based on a social platform for the Eastern aesthetic life and interest in electricity providers. Main let heritage become the trend of Slogan’s club, hoping to provide a platform for the commercialization of folk craftsmen, through the sale and use to protect the continuation of traditional culture. Late last year, former CCTV evening news host Zhao Pu, it is also a partner to join the identity, responsible for brand business.

club founder and CEO Yu Haihua told the 36 krypton, after obtaining financing, the club will increase investment in team expansion, product line complete, artisan service system building and marketing.

specifically, the product line, the club will strengthen the investment in live auction, the business line is more refined, and to expand the category of participation. The service, packaging and logistics team in the supply chain is to test the water back, also plans to provide more content services for artisans, such as their short video, grinding and dissemination of brand story. At the same time, will expand the club’s customer service system, to provide 7*24 hours of service for builders and consumers, try to include the preferential payment.

for the club, the most important change is the financing platform to try to collect transaction commissions. Yu Haihua said that according to the current SKU and the price is different, the development of flexible commission policy, is expected to start trading commission in the first half of this year.

also has been set up in the club also the Japanese team, coming on-line Club overseas edition provides a trading platform for overseas artisan crafts.

marketing in the future, Yu Haihua hopes to be able to target the user on the club, to participate in the production of some TV programs, held a number of offline gathering. "The club will go to the next line, is now a series of people and things, then we will connect all the cultural scene, including tea, breakfast, vegetarian restaurant, museum and so on." Yu Haihua said, the second half of this year, the club will also take the lead in Dangdang line bookstore, to provide a line of products, sales of craftsmen display space.

The lead investor Fosun Group

club, the layout of the online platform or with its large cultural ecology, around the oriental culture and related industries, Fosun’s has been to Yu Garden as the representative of the business format, the origin of resources wood carving in Dongyang City, Jingdezhen Xichuan Tao represented at the same time, Fosun proposed around the middle class to create wealth and health happiness and ecosystem investment philosophy, and the master also served in this population culture and fit the needs of life aesthetics.

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