On how to develop web site promotion program

believes that many webmaster in website promotion always feel no tricks, hear someone introduced a method, also regardless of the consequence is to do, not what the role is to blame others in a liar. So please do the webmaster think first, when you do website promotion is conscientious make promotion plan? Maybe you just need to form a personal webmaster, web promotion program a word or PPT file of the performance, but also often, a simple list of general program content in the notebook on.

don’t lazy write website promotion program is to plan for promotion of the website, need to consider the personnel arrangement, investment promotion, position selection, the specific preferential involves many sectors, as the website promotion of a standard, generally contains the following parts.

1 set the stage to promote the target

to do the plan must have a goal, no goal of the plan you do not know whether the plan to achieve the desired results, so the goal is very important, is the direction of the whole plan. According to the overall schedule development and project site requirements, set reasonable promotion goals, goals should be composed of multiple parameters, such as IP, PV to reach the number of independent, Alexa Rankings to how many, how many registered users and so on, according to different industries and different types or.

2 target population analysis

promotion must be your website promotion to your target population, if your goal is all Internet users, then it is not too much. The target population behavior is an important basis for a promotion plan, must as far as possible a detailed analysis of the target population, age, gender, number of Internet time, information about surfing habits and a series of target population, strategies and methods of website promotion to develop according to the behavior habits of the target population. For example, webmasters often browsing in Admin5, then you’re in Admin5 promotion for the owners, but bloggers and readers are gathered in love I burned you online, A5 on the promotion of bloggers and readers have little meaning, have moved to I burn nets promotion.

3 target media analysis

identified the site of the target audience, in-depth analysis of these groups frequented areas in which these media is that we promote the positions, what are the characteristics of each medium, what kind of cultural atmosphere, we can have what kind of in the above promotion way, specific forms of what is appropriate will etc.. For example, Admin5 in the form of soft to promote more effective, and I burn the network is to increase the image of the image of the fun and more suitable for promotion.

4 similar website promotion strategy analysis

is the so-called enemy awareness, before determining the promotion strategy and method to analyze what your competitors are doing. The other’s included?

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