Where do come from

Baidu old man finally gave me a surprise: Baidu, find relevant web pages about 961, with a time of 0.108 seconds". Exultation. I can not help but the experience of more than a week to exchange.

at first I want to say to my local portal news section of point of view, not very loyal friends and listen to opinions, please forgive me. In the area of the portal (mainly personal station), the news section of absolute position from the home page of the most (and many stations also opened a news channel), I don’t think this is wrong, the problem is their news, and news value, update speed. A county-level city in the home station, put N international, domestic N, N Province, N sports, N entertainment, managed to see the 1 of this area is the result of N weeks before, does this make sense? Watch the news, entertainment, sports, we do not know SINA QQ, ah ~ ~ ~ after QQ a pop, do you have every annoying enough


: my view area portal, to the dregs (remove the news * *)

at this point, you have to ask, do you mean not news section? Wrong! No news section of the regional portal


my point of view: regional portal, leaving the essence (local news can not be less)

you may ask, where is the news? This is the center of my article. I would like to Macheng interactive information network as an example of the next bar

MC60 is not strictly a portal area, but I especially in a news column, the reason is, I found that our local portal station though, but the local news is not enough, as the Beijing Kowloon railway artery, there are actually 2 class two train station of a county-level city, 3 high-speed construction, a an investment of billions of Macheng power plant, there will be no news that we don’t believe in?. Another reason is that our government did not stand before, and now the station is a new building, so the previous Macheng news this piece is almost blank, a lot of people want to see, there is no place. And at this time to open a news column to collect local news, and this column is one of the main sources of my visitors.

before the news gathering rely on some local authorities (Education Bureau, Land Bureau website news), he changed, a week can also 4-8 articles, and later with the government network, originally thought that their news will be released in time enough, for months, that I did not imagine the good ~ more firm I continue to do news determination. With the government network, the weekly news will be more than 2-4, but each time to appear, because in a conspicuous place expressly labeled station home: "× station, × ×, × port has reported; Taiwan; all text, images and audio and video materials online exclusive distribution rights, copyright is all ×". So every week, only reproduced 3–4 article, of course, as long as he released me on the reprint, just over 1-2 days is not very important to delete (at this time the search engine has received >

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