Website construction must be based on website promotion or network marketing as a starting point

close friends say "listen to Lanzhou company executives about the adjustment of the center of gravity to the electronic commerce and the network marketing, promotion of Baidu ‘GOOGLE for all did, but the effect is not people satisfied, so I do site planning based on years of experience, and wrote this article. In fact, two years ago, when I was doing sales have found a lot of corporate website to do promotion, is to spend money to do PPC, such as Baidu.Google. According to the user’s reliance on Baidu, as well as the interactive habits, Chinese usual comprehensive, the capture the psychological, website traffic and rankings, means the website of enterprise publicity is the effect. However, from the network marketing to the point of view, it is not the best and most affordable, the most economic promotion.

according to the nature of business, scale, marketing efforts, improve the channels of different enterprises website, the purpose is not the same, big enterprise brand publicity and promotion of small and medium enterprises in order to establish sales channels and products, so the enterprise website promotion, how many got direct orders through the survey,? Direct website PPC received orders, and to obtain the direct economic benefits of profit, far below other means. Therefore the hope in PPC, undoubtedly to wait. Therefore, enterprises should stand at a certain height, a comprehensive understanding of the web site promotion and network marketing, the concept of network marketing into the site planning, followed by the initiative to develop their own channels.

website promotion effect is not significant, mainly is the website promotion methods is not reasonable, website promotion and website production, website promotion from actual situation did not fully consider the user behavior and the network marketing environment factors, website promotion effect is not managed and control etc..

when we say "website promotion, search engine catalogue, email, website links, online yellow pages and classified ads, information dissemination, forum, blog, network real name / common URL, e-books, free software, instant messaging, Internet advertising media, traditional marketing channels, etc.." However, the real meaning of website promotion is the effective integration and utilization of these tools and resources. It will rise to a high degree of overall planning of network marketing.

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