Web site to promote the use of electronic magazine website

website promotion way is multifarious, who is good or bad is not conclusive, the key to personal play. For example, the most simple post work, issued a famous Mou Changqing; a message but also out of the great Lu Songsong. They are famous for their inhuman execution, and it is hard for them to stick to them. Here, I would like to talk about the use of electronic magazine promotion website.

first, the advantages of electronic magazine: Super infectious and feel a sense of

electronic magazine not only carries the traditional journal information rich, exquisite picture, tentacles deeper and other characteristics, more comprehensive animation, sound, video, a variety of hyperlinks and network interaction and information transfer mode, will complete the rich reading pleasure in reading the entire package in front of. The new media has greatly enriched the network media content and presentation effect, make people’s eyes, ears, hands and brain at the same time as the information acceptor, let readers to experience a fully and delightfully reading pleasure.

two site disadvantage: skinny and critical bandwidth Seo

skinny bandwidth

The situation Chinese communication industry development report

2010 meeting, Chinese Unicom National Engineering Laboratory, deputy chief engineer Tang Xiongyan said that although the number of broadband users in China is already the world’s first, but China is still in a low speed stage, the average rate of China’s Internet speed is only 1.774M, ranked seventy-first in the world. I think this figure is still too bold, because I grew up using the largest bandwidth or 1M, look at a video buffer 5 minutes. The big head is the enterprise, the Internet cafe has occupied. How much bandwidth can be achieved by individual users, webmasters, we do not toss about our poor Internet users, the site design is simple.

picky Seo

do you know how the search engine is to identify the picture music Yes, it looks at the text, ALT tags. It can only understand the text only. It does not know how beautiful the picture, how much music is intoxicated, how shocking the video. Yes, you have to understand this point: there are few Internet users can remember your url. They can remember most of Baidu, but also set the default home page.

three, after the combination of both:

1 electronic magazine powerful, is the best website product display tool

electronic magazine in the form of multimedia, integration of video, digital photos, cartoon animation, music, into the form of electronic reading. Website electronic magazine cycle, a full range of multi angle introduction of the site, products, to achieve the purpose of promotion, publicity. Simple post, message, promotional CD and printed materials can not achieve the effect of electronic magazine.

2 electronic magazine to enhance the image of the site, reflecting the noble qualities of the site

electronic magazine has distinct characteristics of the times and fashion experience, to meet the needs of modern people’s network life and network business, can fully embody the

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