Cry up wine and sell vinegar clothing site pull white snake legend

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said the network soft creative one: cry up wine and sell vinegar.

interpretation: first to illusion, their need to promote things, expressed in another way, they seem to have no relevance, or ever had a relationship between them, to seek the micro Jiwei similarities, and then the big way, make map, with a resounding sign making, complete the effect of the soft.

this way, with the open and aboveboard vocabulary is called "the planning, speculation," surely you remember zhaodashu over the previous year. Spring pieces. Say a bit more popular, that is, with a wire wearing a few turtle eggs, you pull me also pull. Not press, we first determine what is the head of the


here is the lady white head,

!Who is

white, 70-80 of the people are not strange, Angie Chiu version of the white plain dress a white skirt, looking back at the turn Mou, the empress dowager, remember that year, have lamented, marry so, what more could you ask for? After the Liu Tao version of the white, it is another charm. Added a mature and naive, but somewhat Muslim and less natural. But white is their classic color.

we want to borrow wine and sure the sheep head must have a certain reputation so, or have a certain influence, that is to say, is a popular figure or what occasion? Xue Baochai has a poem called "good wind force, send me on," Xunzi also said: "good on potential", we are looking for, we must pay attention to the weight of sheep.

now that the sheep head had, so, you know, dog meat is we really want to sell something.

dog meat, slightly bitter, dip and kill, to the hair, the internal organs, can be cut into small pieces, put the pot, cook for about half an hour, and then simmer stew, with roots, leaves or tofu, as Hot pot. Autumn and winter season, to the best of the cold dampness.

target site:,

he is so described on the website: wear said the dress, feeling said feeling, we look forward to in the transmission wear shirts, trousers and shoes, hats, bags, bags, towels, mirror, table, chain and other clothing experience feelings of


white snake and clothing forum phase, the two phase pull something very far, how to put them together, then we must learn to get shadow, drawing skill is deceitful, find some related things.

we can through some related analysis, the master is the color "white", we must not forget in the White Snake, white snake whatever occasion wear a white dress with a smile, then, thousands of style like.

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