Micro blog marketing to enhance the effectiveness of the content of the three micro blog communicati

a, editing skills

1, the basic format


with micro-blog as is the micro-blog + map, a picture can attract more users. (not with special content, such as news, political news can not figure). If the author shall indicate, such as editing is collected from the network in the picture, also need to specify the network with pictures or pictures for reference only. Pictures need to choose a brilliant, clear, large amount of information, news and other influential pictures of the scene; not bloody, violent, erotic religious and political issues. (the political figures, the careful use of


2, language style:

style to lively, network characteristics, pay attention to the use of the latest hot Internet vocabulary; can be on the livelihood of social class title and text, highlight the colloquial and guide users to participate in discussions. Don’t talk mandarin.

3, fusion micro-blog features:

in the narrative embodied interactive intention, as far as possible, ## fusion @ label, expression, voting and other interactive tools.

4, forwarding and original skills:

The original

users: the integration of the original content, the picture is to be multi amalgamation; edit content users to refine copy, can not be directly copied, and referred to the original author. At the same time with some recommendations for the event content, account, etc..

The reason

forwarding messages cannot be empty, according to the original content to let the user refine the topic of discussion, active search content involved in the brand and organization corresponding to micro-blog, below is a screenshot of the friends broke the Hebei University’s official website, follow the account account @ clarification, after this content proved false, delete the false news.

5, column, topic

account can be sorted out the contents of the contents of the column, the topic design.

(to Fujian station official Bo set columns, for example, the official micro-blog should design their regular topic micro-blog, * * for the station name)

# # focuses on today’s headlines of international and domestic affairs 1-2 (from Sina)

#** news # highlights the date an area 4-5 (source news headlines and news channel account interactive)

#** news site around the # breaking news (account and news and things around interactive)

# legends # local history and local celebrities or anecdotes about

#** weather # daily weather forecast (life and interaction with

news account)

#** beauty # to meet the user demand. (source: local photography blog, micro-blog user submission)

#** city mutual # the main section for forwarding users turn to micro-blog set

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