Four mistakes in content marketing that crash experts rumors

technology is changing marketing in waves. Search engines, social media and mobile Internet, a new platform and so on has brought many amazing opportunities, but made the marketing department to marketing personnel training, marketing tactics, in order to seize the opportunity.

not long after, a group of fake experts emerged. These "crash experts" like Manhattan during the storm takes the chance to sell an umbrella salesman. They do not have any special skills or skills, but at the right time in the right place and a small pen. Soon after, the untrue information became a misunderstanding and slander.

in terms of content marketing, especially so. Unlike search engines or mobile Internet, content gives a familiar feeling, after all, we all watch TV, read magazines. Therefore, the life of the advertising campaign for the development of strategic brand planning personnel, the content does not seem to be so different. Unfortunately, the contents vary so much, this is the content of marketing personnel because of failures.


the first error: content marketing began in consumer

in traditional marketing activities, the first step always begins with the consumer. By analyzing the consumer, you can explore their needs and requirements, so as to create resonance marketing information. The content is not advertising. The purpose of the content is not to attract attention, but to maintain attention.

so, first of all, you have to consider what good stories are available to the world, rather than trying to figure out what the consumer wants to hear. Participation in the dialogue is not enough, but also lead the dialogue. Director Martin Scosese was not because do seminars before they shoot out "mean streets" this masterpiece? "Vogue" American Journal Editor Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour) or by asking the female readers want to wear what dress and let this become a fashion magazine book


each firm has some value that can be shared with the world by sharing experiences, expertise and insights. Each brand has a good story to tell, it is difficult to tell a good story. If you focus too much on what you think customers want to hear, you’ll probably end up telling the story of someone else in a different way.

actually, when it comes to content, brands need to start thinking more like publishers. So, think about what good stories you have to offer to the world, and how it can have a positive impact, rather than start with consumers. So you can make the story of the people resonate.

second mistakes: excellent content marketing begins with data and metrics

over the past twenty or thirty years, marketers have learned to be data oriented. This is usually a good thing, as a love often vitality and responsibility with business sense into a trick. However, obsessed with the data and metrics have their own problems, often cover up the facts, rather than exposing things

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