The new future of urban classification community

The future trend of

network is not a portal, nor is it a search engine, but classified information website. Portal is to provide information, search is to find more relevant information, classification will be faster and more accurate to find the information you need.

initially, people will Sina, Sohu and other portals set up for the home page, which is in the early stages of the development of the internet. At that time, people have just come into contact with the network, just used to passively accept the vast amount of information from the internet. With the increasing use of the Internet, people have the desire to control it. "What information I need, I have the final say." As a result, people began to Google, Baidu and other search engines set for the home page, so you can find information according to their own needs, the passive into active.

but the search engine site in the provision of life related information search is not enough, always make people feel the lack of one or two levels of classification.

has been done statistics, as individuals living in society, their life related information accounted for more than 80% of the amount of demand information, especially the localization of life related information.

in general, people find information hope no more than three steps, small class classification information website divided area classification, the current industry and the industry, which is to meet the basic needs of life for people to get information, is to deal with the main information of the topic search engine, it is divided into several pages, pictures, information, forums and other categories, and classified information website can be based on local classification, a good combination of search engine technology, including topic class information and lifestyle information and other types of information the most convenient search for people in a most perfect form.

classified information website has occupied the mainstream network media position. Where China’s classified information website wants to develop well, it is necessary to study the development of community classified information.

this is the biggest defect in many classification website now, but happy is a new policy Curtis has classified information classification of community and community to achieve the simplicity of the combination, we can learn from the development model, and hope can make the city classification web site on the choice of appropriate to the county and county the city above, although the classification information of county-level city scale is still small, but the city community small city although demand is not better than the big city small, but more sticky.

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