nternet thinking beyond the expected user experience

beyond the expected user experience is one of the best marketing.

what is the user experience beyond the expected


exceeded the expected user experience, that is, consumers thought it was only the case, but did not think it is far beyond the imagination of consumers (better than imagined or worse). This experience will give consumers a great impact, the brand will suddenly enter the hearts of consumers. If it is good expectations, will brings to the brand new life; but if bad expectations, will make the brand spread to consumers in the blacklist.


example: Jingdong sometimes do activities, Liu Qiangdong often play their own courier, to the customer’s biggest surprise. This is the experience beyond expectations.

there are many businesses are doing in this regard, such as the purchase of a commodity, the business will try to with a little something to curl the hearts of consumers. This is a way beyond expectations.

, of course, there are some very bad than expected experience, then talk about a personal experience of my own thing.

recently, I was looking for a house, because of the relationship between time, on the Internet to find. Finally found a home, see the online photo is very beautiful, but also in line with my requirements. Telephone inquiries, and stressed that it is not the same as the pictures taken on the Internet, the other is. And then I went to see the house, but I can see a far cry from the Internet, suddenly made me very angry, let me disappointed.

said it’s not a good idea, this is a means to deceive the user, far beyond the user’s expectations.

is such a more than expected experience is one of the most terrible weapon damage to the brand.

perception is greater than the fact!

marketing ten million, beyond the expected experience is one of the most lethal marketing. In the era of product homogeneity flooding in the era of information flooding, lack of trust in the era, no doubt as long as the user is able to exceed the expected good experience is the most direct means of marketing.

a lot of times, we are in the process of marketing, do a good job, but because of the lack of experience in this link and let the brand drain, so that the loss of product strength, so that the loss of customers.

so, how can we achieve the desired experience beyond


a, work on the product.

consumers to buy a product, the premise is that there is demand, there is a demand to produce the purchase, but the purchase is not necessarily trust the brand. So how to let consumers in the purchase of our brand once again trust product quality is very important, and the product is the key to the trust.

originally consumers just bought a product, but to the hands of consumers, the quality of the product is not only very good, but also more than one

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