Analysis of flowers line shop how to open the online florist’s marketing strategy

    I believe that everyone has the time to send their own flowers in the other half of the habit, so if you are a flower point boss, how do you want to move to the next line store? In fact, every industry, each with an industry marketing mode, so this article, it records the line marketing ideas under my friend’s shop, want to give you some reference, how will a perfect industry moved online from the line extension of the marketing strategy.       the first point: the stability of a solid local market,       my friend is an entity in Jiangsu Suqian, specializes in local flower wholesale business, this is his real flower scene, we can look at the               here, because he is doing line industry, if the transition line, may waste dropped so much, so I prepared to do step by step, the online flower shop from the local market to start, after all, are more familiar with the local market, a a web site from a bit slowly began to spread, and their hands and supply, to do the local industry, will be in the hands of market expansion, the only way to steady, strong demand in industry of their own, which will be the city Field diffusion.       in fact, for many traditional industries, want to do a business out of their own network, but most of them do not ideal, now do large are some agents, and the agent of their products, which will include all of the market, this is a little, but there is one point after some of the traditional industry into the Internet market, a sense of direction suddenly attracted by the huge market network, then look great to occupy the whole market, so many websites first positioning is blind, hatno cattle, why? Network marketing is like Zac said, need a few years or even ten years of brand precipitation, can slowly in the Internet do not want to accept it, you can do, like the line industry, through developing and adjusting, and eventually formed his own position; then the author cite another example. Recently the wheat bags website, Jiaxing is a network marketing shop, there are bags of resources, although when the site is down right Baidu, but rely on the strong brand effect, Baidu search is still huge, directly on the map;               I always I believe only the formation of the brand is the realm of the real network marketing, so, if you do it, my advice is to do the flowers steady, local online market, then business Slowly outward expansion, and ultimately the formation of a brand of wind.       >

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