Some understanding of the network in the Medical Project

medical projects in the network of some understanding. Do network marketing has a premise, that is to the user as the center, standing in the user’s point of view. In the network marketing, how to enhance the network to enrich themselves how to obtain information channels see more: see more, more understanding of the changes in the industry, to join the QQ group and a number of exchange forums, which is to get information to the hospital. To understand a huge information every day, mostly in your mind to have a very large information system, you may often log in some QQ group, chat with them, at least, see.

everyone to do the work, there is a core point, that is, to know what is right, this is very important, the direction is very important.

frankly speaking, marketing is a process of user collection, and the more accurate the collection of the better, so that your work will be very efficient. Speaking from the website, website traffic is the level of precision, high flow is not necessarily useful ah, will increase the load on the server and a lot of extra expenses, if your traffic is very accurate, for example you ten a day or twenty, that is very valuable.

that is to say, first of all we need to know what is right, the right direction, you will…… , of course, does not rule out the process in which there are many external factors, and the process of solving these external factors, is the most able to show your ability to process, rather than repeatedly said that the objective factors.


in the marketing team inside, there are some very necessary jobs and responsibilities

1 technology: the foundation to maintain efficient development of the core

2 editor: edit positioning: completely original, pseudo original, data collection (good doctor), planning

editor is the core, he is to provide users with content, direct contact with the user, to know the needs of patients, many of the product managers are transferred from the editor. If you just keep sending links, useless, because he did not know what the user needs.

3 sinks: CO ordinating class, core staff

Planner: for the page, prototype design (team leader)

with technicians, editors to maintain communication, the user needs to be sensitive to the way to push the network to understand, marketing, spell is brainstorming. For the user, how to meet the needs of users, this is right; not for traffic.

4 analyst: more analysis out of the station (


Baidu advanced search: set several competitors at the site, every day they included what I see, first, for example he did the psoriasis treatment class, if second contains all the medication, I know, they are to the point of breakthrough no, I can, but you can see how others are doing.

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