Why there is no independent restaurant website under the nternet how to sell food and beverage indu

as a service industry, catering industry has occupied a very important position, in the climax of the Internet e-commerce era, many companies are beginning to test the waters of Internet marketing, launched their own independent website, including the manufacturing industry, but in the catering enterprises, there are few independent sites, although in the major platform for example dianping.com, group purchase network have a large number of catering enterprises in the shadow, then why are independent of the catering


is a very famous Hot pot shop every day, such as diners, Hot pot shop search on the Internet, leaving only the address and contact information, but also a lot of people, such as 58 city network information website left, home Hot pot shop will occasionally publish some information, such as hiring, promotions, but it does not have its own independent website


buy site diet preferences are more, once in a large group buying site ordered a hot pot restaurant four packages, this hot pot shop is not that hot pot shop, but another. On the way to the group purchase on nominal long Hot pot shop, encountered a strange thing, "I’m going to XX Hot pot shop!" on a taxi, said to the driver, the driver did not start the engine for a long time, a face of doubt, like whether or not there is a Hot pot shop in thinking locally, when can the mood understand, taxi drivers are not familiar with the place, must have a problem, fortunately in the group purchase site to remember Hot pot shop about the location of the seven turn turn eight, and finally to. In the hot pot restaurant after consumption in terms of taste, or in the amount is very general, no special features, if not buy, it is estimated that will not go to a time will not think about second times!

entered the winter time in group purchase website, once met a job in the group purchase site to a friend, he said: "in the group purchase website of the catering industry, most are second-class enterprises, they can not fundamentally change the fate of group purchase, they only delayed the time of death!" to the friend’s view, they beg to differ this view, he feel there is too much on the subjective composition! However, an article has changed my opinion.

saw a large catering business owner would suffer the articles on the Internet, writing is vivid, the boss said: "initially think this is very strange, (group purchase) and try to do, just started to really bring great flow to the store. As time goes by, this advantage is gradually weakened, on the one hand, the damage to the interests of the old customers, on the other hand to develop a customer love to take advantage of the psychological." The boss cited such an example, "customers to the store dining habits, ask if there is no discount, the clerk, a group purchase website offers 30 yuan, and now the mobile Internet is so popular, the customer hands shaking, it is easy for online orders, but the store benefits to suffer losses. Have the customer to the store, because of this sentence, the loss of 30 yuan of interest, if the clerk said no, then the customer will feel the store is not really, indirect offended customers!" after a period of testing, the boss decided to quit the group purchase, because although.

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