Website promotion several common platform experience summary

I summed up the experience of some web site promotion, I hope to share with you. My style of writing is not very good if it is not written or not good place to hope you understand, thank you.

Q & a platform to promote

Q & a platform to promote the advantages are: 1, we help others at the same time also can give us a lot of traffic website 2, Q & a platform to promote the site conversion rate is relatively high, because only when people encounter difficulties and solve problems can help in the network, because it is our website service the target population so this time we can leave our web site, we increase in traffic to the site and the site conversion rate is relatively higher in 3, when we help others with our website. This can increase the chain to our site. 4, if we are in some quiz platform may be in Baidu, Google and other search engines answer is adopted if the problem home to our website to bring traffic to us at the same time increase the exposure site.

inquiry platform promotion channels are: Baidu know, Search ask, question inquiry platform.

inquiry platform promotion methods and precautions: we open the quiz platform then search associated with our industry keywords and then to other people’s problems are serious answer can be added to the site of the plus Add URL we will write them in the Baidu search site keywords ranking we better. Such as I am responsible for the first time the network can let them search for the first time network, Zhengzhou group, Zhengzhou group, such as ranking better keywords. Note: 1, in answer to a serious and sincere, let you feel the questioner is sincerely want to help him but advertising 2, the answers to questions and want to understand the issues related to. With 3 points, to answer questions must be answered rather than simply a few words on the end of 4, now answer some questions and answers are more stringent audit platform with the web site or advertising will not be answered by this time we can start to question answer seriously, answer by then added this answer can be added on the first time or the network. 5, the same question we answer in the answer is best not to use the same, the answer may be at the time, but will be removed at intervals. This is like SOSO ask.

blog promotion

in some of the higher weight of some of the web site to establish some blog. For example: some readability of the original articles Baidu space, NetEase, Sohu, Tianya, and watercress, enterprises Bo, and so on some relatively high weight of the blog, the beginning of the article, the content and the best end to the site keywords and connect to our website. Blog promotion must pay attention to the original article, the readability of the article, the article keywords and web site connection and every day to update a certain amount of articles, >

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