Share this 2 years is how earn 600 thousand with detailed data two

a major share some of my data "share this 2 years is how I earn 600 thousand (with detailed data) (a)" this is the original, so that others will not say I fooled. Because the one who knows it is true. But I met a strange message, saying that I was a liar and so on, in fact, the quality of my product is bound to pass, otherwise the rate of praise will not be so high, the rate of return will not be so high. As you say that others sell 20 is also a good honey, why do I want to sell here, I can only respond to a simple. Apple’s mobile phone costs but also 1000 dollars, but also to the phone NOKIA $1000 to the cost of money, why Apple sold 5000, but also so fire. The answer is to find.

today I want to share the product positioning, packaging. I can only say that I do e-commerce technology in general, because there are a lot of expert, master. They just don’t want to share. This article can master drifting. I mainly to those who are confused and new entrants to see.

because positioning and packaging will directly affect the promotion and conversion rate behind you. Come again to review my conversion rate, which is only the day before yesterday’s screenshot, the best time to have twenty percent conversion rate.


first talk about positioning, honey industry. In fact, there is a lot of competition, and the reputation of the industry is not so good. In particular, some shopping malls to sell honey, we are not satisfied. The highest ranking of large enterprises, a good reputation, but the price is expensive. So we will be more difficult to buy honey. This is a phenomenon of industry. Some come to talk about the Internet, honey to sell various brands dragons and fishes jumbled together, more to go. However, a closer look, the price is generally 20-40. Some even sell more than and 10 dollars. Of course, most of the sales are the cheapest. The market is like this, or your product reputation is good enough, you can sell high. Either your price is cheap enough, and a group of cheap people will come to you. But as our new brand, it needs a good positioning. My point is, do not sell the most expensive, because we do not have reputation, there is no visibility and brand. Of course, we can not sell the cheapest, because the cheapest selling no profit. It is impossible to enhance your brand value. So our position is very simple, is to sell a relatively good product a little higher price. Some people may sell 40 dollars a pound, the quality of the same as us, but can not analogy. The purpose of business is to sell good products. We never fight a price war.

talk about the packaging of the product, the customer is very strange to buy honey. They rarely shop for honey, because they don’t believe it. They are more willing to bring some honey in their hometown, countryside, or friends. So our slogan came out.


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