Ali 2016 memorabilia fake again into the greatest pain

in 2016 is approaching the end, recalling this year, Alibaba is mixed. This year, Ali in the video, VR, mobile distribution areas to accelerate the layout, and the success of excellent soil, pea pods and other income under the command of. But at the same time, the Alibaba in the core of "fake" problem and stumbled, facing questions and challenges more.

first, Ali was forced to turn over the health of the pharmaceutical electronic supervision network operating rights

February 2016, Ali health due to a rare "mingaoguan" cases are pushed to the public view, a pharmacy at the food and Drug Administration and health Ali "collusion", suspected of administrative monopoly.

it is reported that the electronic drug supervision network operation right in the initial CITIC twenty-first Century hand, but in 2014, Ali through capital operation has become the actual controller of CITIC in twenty-first Century, and renamed Ali health, the right to operate is submitted to the hands of ali. At this point, Ali mastered the production, distribution and sales of drugs and other data. In the opinion of the majority of pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Ali health side play the role of operator, while also holding industry supervision rights, equivalent to a set of athletes and referees.

a month later, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to recover the exclusive right to operate Ali health electronic regulatory network operating rights.

TMT comments: the blue whale pharmaceutical industry, whether it is from the fair competition in the market, or the protection of commercial secrets, electronic drug supervision network operators should have the right to the third party organization (enterprise). The right to operate the right to recover Ali, it can be said that the progress of the industry.

two, the establishment of VR laboratory, start Buy+ program

March 2016, Alibaba announced the establishment of the VR lab, will play its own platform advantages, and promote VR content synchronization and hardware incubation. VR laboratory’s internal code named GM Lab, called GnomeMagic Lab, inspired by the World of Warcraft excel invention goblin family.

It is reported that

, in terms of content, Ali has launched a comprehensive Buy+ program, and the cooperative’s pictures, music and video website, promote the contents of the output of VR. On the hardware side, Ali will rely on its electronic business platform to build VR business ecosystem.

Ali disclosed the plan VR strategy group, Ali VR laboratory was established after the first project for the "creator" plan, the joint business goal is to build the world’s largest commodity base 3D, accelerate the realization of the virtual world shopping experience. Currently, Ali engineers have completed hundreds of highly sophisticated commodity model, the next step will be to develop standardized tools for businesses to achieve rapid mass 3D modeling.

blue TMT comment: it is envisaged that Ali, the Buy+ plan can give users an immersive new shopping experience, but in the capital under the VR ripening is not yet completely universal VR related hardware, in >