Then CEO and he built the Magic Kingdom let the bottom life in 17 seconds xianchuyuanxing

Abstract: a programmer CEO and his magic kingdom.

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basically, the lives of many programmers only programming and repair Bug these two things, it is difficult to distract their attention.

programmers like to get along with programmers. They don’t laugh at each other’s wrong clothes. First, they don’t realize the mistake. Secondly, they are not good at joking. Third, they have no right to laugh at anyone.

all your stereotypes about programmers can be verified on the Big Bug person. He was born in 1982, is honest, wearing a pair of glasses — not what personality do you find it hard to wear glasses a programmer, hair maintained unchanged for years — don’t leave or dirty delusions get explosive head programmer, no suit and tie in his home, to wear casual clothes, don’t doubt programmers love for jeans the. Big Bug is his early programmer friend gave him the nickname, now not many people know. To have this nickname, he is a master of programming. At the age of 12, he programmed himself.

like all programmers, he also bug in the dream. "Once upon a time, I dreamed of a cat, and I wanted to catch the cat to eat the bug." He said to the people.

welcome to the world of programmers. You think you know, you don’t really know them.

programmer is a very lucky group. Two hundred or three hundred years ago, the man who knew the machine would have driven the world; the man who knew it one hundred years ago would have driven the world." Big Bug said, you go to see the world’s largest companies, from the early years of Microsoft to Google, to the present Facebook, the recent 50 years of industrial change, the skills they need to master the programmer."

you can see this as a "programmer’s pride", but Big Bug is more likely to call it "happiness."".

Outside the circle of

programmers, Big Bug’s name is Su hua. The company he is now CEO is much more famous than any of his names.

year’s three venture partners, Cheng Yi smile, silver Xin, Yang Yuanxi are born after 80 programmers. In 2013, investors under the auspices of, and host Chinese team soldiers together in one place, followed by "GIF product name" fast fast "". For the first time to meet, with a Chinese operator, who can tell who is the Big Bug, because they are doing technology, can feel the breath of technology."

they are all introverted personalities, but each other soon produces