nvestors believe that the site does not lose money only false propaganda cheated 150 thousand

Some investors in the northeastern province of

on the Internet copy, even some believe the site hit the "have the authority of the securities analyst, false propaganda stocks only make money not to lose money, the website has to transfer 15 yuan, the money is going to find themselves cheated.

June 17th, Helen Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring unit receiving the victim Wang report, said the stock market on the Internet a few days ago, found a "run by the Shanghai Stock Company Limited is the only money stocks do not lose money" website.

the company staff in the online contact with Wang said that the company has more than the reputation of the securities industry analyst, has made a large number of online investors get a huge return on investment. Lured by huge profits, Wang has in June 14th and 16 to the company’s account remittance of RMB 38 thousand and 800 yuan on the. But soon after, the company lost contact with it.

after receiving the report, Helen Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring brigade immediately carry out detective work. July 2nd, Helen police obtained an important clue in the criminal suspect in Fujian City, Xiamen, police immediately rushed to Xiamen, the suspect arrested in a company. After the trial, Wang confessed it together from the use of false identity documents to open "Shanghai is in stock company and bank accounts, with low investment and high returns as bait, specialized fraud eager to make money to investors, has more than 10 cases of crime, involving more than 15 yuan.

according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps responsible person, only in July this year, the province of Mudanjiang, network monitoring department of Jiamusi, Suihua and Yichun and other places of public security organs received 5 such public report.

Provincial Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps this kind of Internet fraud characteristics: one is the criminal suspects in order to avoid combat, the use of false identity documents, false registration website domain name open website; two is the criminal suspect to gang crime, the division of roles, one of which must be on the stock of knowledge understanding, and self "the analyst" or "consultant"; three is the suspect to the network as the carrier, with low investment high benefit "and" pay "and other means to lure the victim to the designated account transfer.

provincial public security department to remind the masses to raise awareness and self protection ability, financial investment need to be cautious, do not rely on overnight lies.