One network and one dream

2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be opened in the next more than and 100 days, every Chinese people look forward to with full enthusiasm.

2008 a new era of China’s Internet development, the world is looking at China, and we are watching the internet. As a personal webmaster, I should be a loser, because I don’t know, also don’t understand art, just learned to read a few legal report period such as computer streaking into the ranks of the grassroots webmaster (there is no one to belong to own website). In fact, I still do not know the actual meaning of grassroots webmaster, just know, grassroots webmaster on the Internet, just like the reality of migrant workers brothers — a vulnerable group. The reason to say so, I will prove that:

first, in the various types of Web site owners have such keywords: server rental super low virtual space 1 yuan domain name, good point is the mass consumption, not good news is the grassroots webmaster no money. Indeed, we do not have strong start-up capital.

say again, the profit of personal website: advertising alliance, the key words do not know when the major search engines have been charged. The reason for the charges, because there is a huge profit advertising alliance. Little love here to ask a question: what is the Union? I really do not know whether these alliances to help webmasters or pit owners. Almost 90% of grassroots Adsense have been exploited by these advertising alliances, and some have even been exploited.

finally said, financing, venture capital these two keywords are many brothers and sisters yearning. But the financing and venture capital than men high threshold. For example, choose to let you and the princess consort, bridal chamber, etc. the princess was pregnant. Then do you approve the bridegroom. That is, you wait for your site to make a profit, do have a certain influence, and have the qualifications of venture capital and financing. So for me, since I went all the way to the storm’s profit to offer their bow and scrape why


by more than 3 points, that we grassroots webmaster of the Internet in this type of cube world is weak, it is fragile. Entrepreneurship is difficult, almost inaccessible. No start-up funds, no good profit path, no good development environment.

Then in the

as a China personal webmaster how we should find themselves in this difficult environment, the development of their own? Paralympic Games a slogan: one world one dream, let me have the same network with a dream inspired by the spirit, a sense of not just this sentence the slogan, but a personal website of mutual promotion profit sharing platform (the platform is currently planning in this not elaborate). With the same dream of a network, we need a good entrepreneurial environment, such as webmaster network Admin5 this is a very good platform for webmasters to communicate, I said to my friends that this is the department store market. ADMIN5 to provide grassroots webmaster cheap domain name and virtual hosting business, this is my favorite place to enjoy ADMIN5. And then we went on to say, "profit"