Luxury electricity supplier Fifth Avenue turned the experience will be opened under the exhibition h

hot two or three years of luxury electricity supplier industry are looking for a newer model to obtain a new round of investment.

June 1st, a new model is to test the water, the first line of luxury electricity supplier Fifth Avenue luxury network opened shop. This model is now known as "O2O" (onlinetooffline)". Fifth Avenue will be known as the store experience hall".

this is the first time the domestic luxury electricity supplier online shop. But "O2O" was not the first attempt. In May this year from the well-known four international fund total amount of $30 million is Chinese Temple library has a special mode of "library club", which is the core of the luxury consignment line experience center, mainly the sale of second-hand luxury goods.

it is understood that the current monthly sales in the temple library, the store contributed seven or eight percent, but its founder, Li Rixue still insisted that its positioning is a Internet Co.

line to test the water

online is more before the luxury business operation with the sale will form. This short-term sale can increase sales volume in a certain period of time, but because of the short time and place of instability and other factors, the customer shopping experience and service can not be guaranteed.

from the Fifth Avenue in January 1, 2009 officially launched, continuous before a few single customer requests to the store to see what was assured, such as "the expensive clothes can not try", "bag of cortex is not with pictures like" problems emerge in an endless stream founder and CEO Sun Yafei, the Fifth Avenue will open the next line store the germination of the idea.

from rent-seeking, decoration to the final opening, a total of more than half a year, the store’s sales staff all from Fifth Avenue’s own customer service department.

In fact, the United States

luxury electric providers rarely open the store, unlike Chinese market is more mature, the market norms, credit security system security, consumers can develop online luxury habits. At present, the domestic luxury goods online shopping in full authorization, customer service service, authenticity and other issues, it is difficult for consumers to believe that network.

Sun Yafei said the exhibition hall in the experience of the expected value of the sale is very small, just a value-added service to the site, to enhance the experience of online consumers. The location of shopping malls in Sanlitun lack of natural abortion, the main is to invite some online consumers to the store to experience the service, such as free from hair to makeup styling consultation, luxury warranty and maintenance services. To this end, the Fifth Avenue to absorb the most famous graduated from Italy College of fashion Maran Oni Fashion Institute of fashion buyers join professional fashion consultant. And the customer is not satisfied with the store after the store’s existing merchandise, you can immediately go to the store to the official website of the Fifth Avenue to be scheduled, the line of consumers into online customers. "So, the highlight is the service experience hall, open online and offline, rather than some people think it is not good to do, luxury electric providers, can only turn.

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