The latent group purchase station speculation attack the opponent to disrupt the market financing

latent chaos

group purchase website "

days ago, the central propaganda office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the four departments announced the joint regulation of illegal network for a period of two months of public conduct special operations in the country, I want to take this opportunity to punish the bad behavior of the network of public relations. As the 55 engaged in a "delete" and "network Navy and other sites have been shut down in accordance with the law of the Internet, suddenly burst, some group purchase website with" Navy "power and fame, directed at the domestic group purchase website Wo Wo Group. The news came out, immediately aroused great repercussions in the industry, here is the relevant state departments to crack down on the side of group purchase site is in "crime against the wind"? The incident also makes just entering the "cool" group purchase once again become the object of concern. Last week, Wo Wo Group officially released a statement previously published on the Internet a "malicious speculation", "the Navy recruiting" the words are fabricated. Insiders said that after buying the site in the previous round of low price competition, and now the use of Internet hype, but it is difficult to become a buy site life-saving straw.

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speculation and financing are closely related to

, an online group purchase website with post exposure, deliberately released a so-called "list" as revealed by the third party to the competition, so that the latter have cast doubt on the list of staff loyalty. For a time, the network forum spread, the general manager of the United States mission to leave the region, the United States and the East China 300 job hopping and other news. Since then, the U.S. group net, handle group purchase website emergency foreign refuted rumors, and suggested that some competitors in the "behind it". Since then, there will be news, Wo Wo Group uses the network Navy, a large number of post on the Internet, creating the so-called "collective job" incident.


, Wo Wo Group released a statement, said recently appeared on the Internet "malicious speculation", "recruiting navy" remarks are fabrications, said the outside world refers to the use of malicious speculation of poaching, job hopping is not true.

But in

, Wo Wo Group released a statement, and the media exposure, Wo Wo Group employees received mail broke the news that Wo Wo Group did not have announced $200 million financing "have yet to surface, and at least that Wo Wo Group has hired 3 network pr Secretary for the planning and publication of false news, and delete negative news.

according to the media reports disclosed in the mail, the most shocking thing, "$200 million financing event" and "the challenge means, break the opponent team". The message said, Goldman invested $200 million in Wo Wo Group company behind chizhun Goldman won’t planned out of the rumor, but did not expect, Goldman was epoch-making to respond. So, Wo Wo Group had to be changed to the amount of financing, investors will expect to clear the other three companies. In fact, the only one that can confirm the investment. In this regard, Wo Wo Group official responded, "

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