Change of user registration Adsense plan

dear AdSense publisher, Hello!

this letter is to inform you of an important follow-up information about our earlier this month at

time to announce changes to the AdSense referral program.

since the release of the above changes, we received a lot of feedback, that the program is too much emphasis on the location of the referral publisher, without considering the location of the user is recommended.

After careful consideration of this opinion,

decided to revise the change plan.

specifically, if your referral unit is targeted for any country or region in Japan or North America and Latin America, you will be able to add a

to your account

AdSense referral advertising unit. In order to ensure that you can get the effective conversion of the payment, it is recommended that you view the current AdSense referral advertising unit location settings.

in addition, we would also like to inform you that we are about to change the Google package and the Firefox referral program:

Google package: for now, if a user downloads and runs the Google package for the first time through your links or buttons, you can get a maximum of $2

dollar earnings. From the beginning of the third week of February, the success of each successful referral Google package will be adjusted to a maximum of $$1. This change applies to all

Google package recommendation, regardless of where the user or publisher.

Firefox: taking into account the local market competition, we are also prepared to start from the third week of February to reduce the Firefox

referral payment, this referral payment change will involve only the software installation from the users of the region, and you are not as the location of the publisher.

we understand that these changes may reduce the benefit of the user who is currently involved in the corresponding referral program. But our goal is to pass AdSense

plans to help other advertisers, including the promotion of all publishers to get as much as, so we will continue to evaluate the advertising series, which remain effective, and value for money.

thank you again for your feedback and support for the proposal.

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