S log 302 easy to provoke GOOGLE manual audit

today opened at the 51 keywords, find someone in the search site, feel very strange, who will search this? Look at in detail, it is found that the IP is the United States, and then back at the origin is actually GOOGLE! Here is a screenshot of the view:


diagram a keyword view


figure two access details view


Figure three

related antecedents view


figure four visitor details view

QQ group by some friends confirmed by the GOOGLE artificial audit, and its symptoms is the search word is the domain name plus the path of something. A group of friends, Ye Zisheng, said his station was also checked by GOOGLE today, and his station pop-up plug-in installation is found in this way by Google, was added to the malicious virus tips!

www.goupuzi.com is a new station, the content is also healthy (Google included vulgar page was CCTV exposure), why would attract GOOGLE boss of the artificial audit it is said that GOOGLE is not how manual intervention!

scanned the search words, it is not in the log is marked 30200 URL! Finally come, I use the PHPWIND 7.3 program, after a "pseudo static" theme "under the theme" IIS log links lead to the emergence of a large number of 30200 are as follows:


IIS log in the GOOGL tag 302 of about more than and 600

per day

2009-06-20 04:03:25 W3SVC1552333736 GET /job.php action-previous-fid-2-tid-171-fpage-0-goto-previous.html 80 – Mozilla/5.0+ (compatible; +Googlebot/2.1; ++http://s.www.google.com/bot.html) 3020 0

this question in the PHPWind official forum asked for a long time, has not been resolved, as well as the official forum of the PR down to 0, and is not related to this? PR is just a guess, huh, huh, huh,


said so much just to give you a tip, GOOGLE>

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