Samsung also added a new injury patent case in the United States lost in the country also lost

recently, Samsung in the United States lost the Smart Phone Unlock patent litigation, but also lost in china. The day before, the Fujian Iraq information era Polytron Technologies Inc v. Samsung drawing unlock patent infringement case, Fuzhou City Intermediate People’s court verdict, the verdict of Tianjin Samsung Communication Technology Co. Ltd. stop production and sales of four mobile phone infringement, and compensate for the Iraq era 10 million yuan.

it is understood that, shortly after, in the United States in the United States on suspicion of infringement of Apple’s slide to unlock the patent, Samsung and Apple’s patent lawsuit in the defeat of the war. But this time in favor domestic companies may never really look at samsung.

the US federal appeals court has rejected Samsung for the company and Apple’s patent dispute held second hearings of the request, which refers to the patent, including AutoCorrect quick links and slide to unlock, Samsung had been sentenced to pay $119 million 600 thousand in damages to apple.

and the domestic patent infringement of the patent, is applied by Fujian Yishidai information Polytron Technologies Inc in March 2008 called "the path password input method" based on contacts of the invention patent (ZL200810070756.8), the patent was authorized in January 2010.

according to the court ruled that Samsung was asked Samsung to stop production, sales of four mobile phones, but also need to compensate the era of Iraq $10 million. Moreover, the Iraqi era also sued the Fuzhou intermediate people’s Court of Huizhou Samsung Corp, claims amount of 99 million 500 thousand yuan, the court has yet to make a decision. For Samsung, perhaps there is a greater amount of compensation required to pay. And this is just another scar on the scarred giant.

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