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1 Zhongguancun online, sold 1 billion 500 million yuan! to get all the stake in  

yesterday evening news, the network announced that the actual control and Zhongguancun online party agreed to purchase intention, intends to about 1 billion 500 million yuan to buy the entire stake.

including Zhongguancun online, Zhongguancun mall, the world wide appliance network and other assets. will pay 30% of the cash (450 million yuan), the remaining 70% new shares issued by giving Zhongguancun online.

2 business for ten years, six rooms 2 billion 600 million finally "prostitute"? Is one foot in performing O2O 

A shares of Songcheng Performing Arts (Stock Code: 300144) today announced a $2 billion 602 million acquisition of online video sites in the room six. Six room six room CEO Liu Yan holds 64.62% of the shares before the sale, which means that he is worth more than 1 billion 600 million yuan a night.

Liu Yan 2 billion 600 million sold out of the room, it seems that this is a room belonging to the successful outcome of the six rooms, but I do not think so, but I think that Liu Yan is not the only one in the market.

where did I get the money? I changed the stock of the six rooms to the stock of the Songcheng performing arts. Six rooms into the Songcheng performing arts. Songcheng comprehensive transition to the Internet, the six rooms is a window, is the starting point, we want to do big entertainment, after the acquisition. I also have to go all out to do ah

!Remember to install Windows

3 the wind? It was sold by  


Following the sale of

six rooms, Zhongguancun online price, and Internet companies into the ranks of bondage. A shares enterprise Kodak shares (Stock Code: 600986.SH) today announced the $2 billion 943 million acquisition of 100% stake in 5 domestic enterprises.

Coda, the acquisition of shares of the 5 companies were 100 Fu Si, Shanghai Tongli, Huayi, ylmf, all send Ruiwei line.

, 100 Fu Si transaction price 600 million yuan, 445 million 500 thousand yuan Shanghai Tongli, Huayi all is 450 million yuan, 540 million yuan for 945 million yuan, send Ruiwei line.

There is a world of difference

4.17576.COM 3 letters  

; domain name why prices?

3 letter domain name was about RMB 6 million 170 thousand yuan was acquired, and the letter of the domain name only to the price of $70 thousand, the price difference of nearly 100 times. The same is true for the 3 letter domain, but why is it that the price is so different? Why not?

3 letter domain name has a global common, no language restrictions, is conducive to the development of the advantages of international brands, there is one point is that compared to English, Pinyin and other domain names, it is simple and easy to remember.


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