Hangzhou police arrested 7 suspected malicious blackmail and impose exactions on poor teacher


Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) yesterday morning, Taobao and the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly held a press conference, announced the cracked the country’s first malicious bad judge case. At present, 7 suspects have been arrested by Hangzhou police, and was arrested on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on. Hangzhou police, arrested "malicious bad teacher" action will continue, is expected to have more than suspects will be arrested in the year continued inland.

Taobao set up an investigation team

it is understood that the malicious bad evaluation refers to the buyers, competitors and other competitors to assess the people in order to give the way to seek the property or other improper benefits to the store. Police said that in recent years, the popularity of online shopping, but also attracted the attention of some criminals.

began in June 2012, with more and more Tucao shop sellers, malicious bad teacher group gradually surfaced. These poor judges to shop as a means of poor evaluation of money, and even the emergence of multi cooperation gang crime".

previously, taobao.com has established a special investigation team, by means of receiving the complaint, abnormal behavior analysis, etc. to master a lot of undercover investigation, "malicious bad teacher" evidence of the crime and related information, and these will be submitted to the Hangzhou police clues.

Hangzhou police set up a joint task force, together with the police to lock the suspect. The ad hoc group of recently settled in Changsha, Guilin and Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang and other places in the implementation of centralized arrest suspects. The whole process lasted several months, and ultimately arrested 7 suspects. Hangzhou police also revealed that the fight against malicious bad judges and other cyber crimes will continue.

malicious account 65 thousand


over the past few months, Taobao is also a joint force to combat malicious bad judge".

data show that a total of 65 thousand malicious malicious buyers account Taobao, blocking the closure of the malicious pen of the order of about 100000, to protect the interests of the seller of the more than 50 thousand. Compared with the peak in June of this year, Taobao received a bad evaluation of the poor, the number of phone calls to reduce the amount of extortion by more than 90%.


suffered a poor judge Taobao owner drying experience

7 "malicious bad teacher yesterday after being arrested, many shopkeepers are applauded Taobao". There is a Taobao store in a professional electricity supplier forum, said, now, the network and the entity, and finally someone stood up to protect the interests of many businesses."

in fact, there are a lot of Taobao owners have had the experience of professional judges.

said a network called "Cong Shuo carton" Taobao, the beginning of the October, he Jiangsu Anhui carton business at Taobao, stated in the shop only made clear Jiangsu Anhui, other areas of postage themselves. But a wide

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