China nternet site embarrassing list

The biggest impact of

Internet to Chinese brings, is that even if you have no money you can start, only you have a good idea and excellent executive team, naturally there are plenty of venture capital are scrambling to give you the money, it was successful, such as Baidu, Tencent, Sohu, is money fame two harvest. Some people failed, such as DB network, PPG, Mysee, they are slowly starting to fade out the mainstream view.

two still is everyone can understand, let the VCs crazy than the third kinds of situation. After several rounds of financing, but still tepid, revenue report just passable. Is the most respected listed venture capital exit way, most of the company after the listing value can greatly enhance the risk of investment, can quickly obtain higher returns, then toss for many years, still can not be listed or have high income, naturally embarrassed position. This article lists the four websites, they each represent a website, they have in common is through multiple rounds of financing, profit model is not clear, it is difficult to profit just passable, listed but there is also a world of their own party. Tasteless gesture, they may be the best footnote, ranked from high to low according to the degree of embarrassment.


founded: August 2005

financing experience: in May 2006, and Sequoia Capital Fund, China Heiner Asian venture capital to complete the first round of $6 million investment agreement.

July 2007, and Intel capital, redpoint ventures, Sequoia Capital Fund, China Heiner Asian venture capital to complete the second round of more than 15 million U.S. dollars investment agreement.

July 2008, and the giant network group, Shanghai Pudong science and Technology Commission and other investors completed the third round of more than $50 million investment agreement.

embarrassing reasons: three rounds of investment, the cumulative amount of more than 70 million U.S. dollars, how not less. But is getting out of the mainstream view of us, younger age, consumption capacity of users is weak possible problems. Pang Shengdong inspired some say good means of promotion is to let a lot of people to away.

the third round of financing in 2008, the first two rounds of the leading Sequoia Capital did not follow up, the first two rounds of any pure VC also did not follow up, indicating that they are cautious about the future development of Shanghai Pudong science and Technology Commission is largely due to support local Internet business ideas (May 2008, moved to Shanghai headquarters in Zhangjiang High Tech Park of Pudong New Area. ), and Shi Yuzhu is always not a love to play by the rules of people, not too much of this investment data show that the giants have a role in promoting its game.

from the business level, Blog is still the dominant business, low-end users are active users >

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