The two sides uncovered a large network of fraud suspects arrested 451

the mainland 7 provinces, 11 cities and counties in Taiwan police rounded up set out at the same time, 451 suspects. This is by far the largest cross-strait joint combat crime, this year, China’s largest online fraud was cracked. Cloning, as online shopping customer service, posing as judicial officers, the operation of the company’s fraud Gang, across the Taiwan Strait, set up 124 underground dens and money laundering, fraud amount of about 30 million yuan.


network liar 3 strokes

in Wuhan City Criminal Investigation Bureau, Xinhua news agency, the reporter saw a pile of China network in Taiwan transferred to the police victims to report data:

– Taipei County, Ms. Chen received claiming to be the court staff call, said the amount of account is the illegal activities of illegal income, after a self proclaimed "prosecutor" cheated of NT $1 million 410 thousand;

– Taipei County Liu in the auction online auction of a juice machine, remittance of NT $16 thousand, did not receive the goods;

– the city of Taipei in August this year, Ms. Chen received claiming to Yahoo mall "accounting" call, saying that due to system failure will be set to full payment installment ", and then received a bank customer service phone, let her operating according to instructions on the ATM card, only NT $299 thousand take wings to itself……

just two years, the people of Taiwan cheated amount of about 30 million yuan. Taiwan immediately instructed the police found a large criminal gang by means of network fraud, not only the gang in Taiwan is very active, and in many provinces, strange activities.

the case is significant, the two sides police cooperation. According to the clues, the Ministry of public security decided the case by the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau main investigation, with the Guangdong Fujian public security organs. Wuhan City Public Security Bureau set up a task force, has dispatched more than 300 investigators, query account more than 1 thousand, and went to Guangdong, Fujian and other places, get a lot of evidence of a crime, find out the basic characteristics and their role in criminal gang members of the gang crime, and activities of the track.

according to the task force, the gang fraud means there are three main:

is an online shopping fraud. As sales and online merchants bank customer service, said the reason for online billing system error, the customer online shopping payment problems, the victim induced errors in ATM machine operation, the money cheated. This is the most used fraud.

two is false online shopping fraud law. In the well-known shopping site map to sell false goods, lured customers after payment delivery, or to all sorts of reasons to use third party payment tool, lured the victim first remittance payment after delivery, the customer has not received the goods.

three is the law of intimidation and fraud. Posing as a judicial officer in Taiwan, in the name of money laundering, drug trafficking and other names, call the victim said money should be processed or will eat lawsuit. If the victim does not believe, send fake judicial officers armed with fake

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