Picture application Snapchat officially announced 60 million financing

NetEase Francisco June 25th message, according to foreign media reports, "burn after reading picture application Snapchat announced today that it has completed a $60 million B round of financing, valuation of $800 million.

round of financing lead investor is Institutional Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners, SV Angel, Benchmark Capital, etc. with the vote. So far, the cumulative amount of Snapchat financing reached about $75 million.

financing is basically to achieve expansion, we get the money will be mainly used to build servers and attract talent." Snapchat co-founder Evan · Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) said in an interview, "we have been actively introducing excellent engineers, but we did not previously can according to their own wishes for fast innovation. The new financing will allow us to do this."

Snapchat also announced today that SONY entertainment CEO Michael · (Michael Lynton) will join the board of directors of Snapchat, as an independent director. He is also a big fan of Snapchat, the application has been more than a year.

has not yet released its user data, but it has become very popular over the past two years. Spiegel said that the service users the total number of photos and videos taken every day more than 200 million, compared with two months ago, a significant increase of 150 million.

this growth rate is quite alarming, perhaps with Twitter’s video sharing applications Vine and Facebook’s Instagram. But for fear of competition and mutual comparison, Spiegel said, we are very impressed with Facebook and Twitter those guys, but one of the reasons we fall to Losangeles is to avoid staring at other companies. We are now focusing on ourselves and our work."

, according to Spiegel revealed that the company did not like TechCrunch reported that it has begun to recruit a huge sales team". At present, the company has only 17 employees. He also declined to say when the Snapchat will start commercialization, but to disclose in the medium rather than the short term will launch related things.

"the Asian market situation, we are excited for the use of internal transactions." He said, "we are quite excited about local advertising." He declined to provide details of the company’s product roadmap.

it is worth mentioning that there are rumors that Facebook intends to acquire Snapchat over the past year. The social networking giant prior to imitate Snapchat launched Pok>

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