Some experience of standing in the past few months

      June. Spent $one thousand, bought the MSH space 3G, 3 years flat-share space, also sent the contract. I thought could firmly make a stand. After all, my space was relieved ah.

      apply for a m i love PK, it is a direct game station, because I usually play games single, do the single game network. Some classic stand-alone game Raiders, patch, plug-in, wallpaper, like Warcraft, CS CS, red alert so, a lot of classic game Raiders Cheats, Download: are a chapter from the Forum Search. Then go to the station. Also very full, general game download address is one or two. I was looking at the Internet, find some three, four to 10. Several download address. If it is not to… Some visitors an address and then is to go to the forum. The game, propaganda, often made a small news video link. What took about half a month. Baidu received about more than and 300 pages of.IP as chain to Baidu in addition to the forum did not come over.

      did not give up to continue doing the single game station, or add something. Fill in other games. Slowly add the dark, Rome, meteor and so on some playing games. A little more than double lane for half a month, which also collected a considerable number of network games, the secret book, the station content to about 20000… Baidu received more than and 700..IP..100. Have been on the go. Speechless. Continue to add content, collecting things, after all three G space. I am not afraid enough to put the Raiders, 25000 when..IP. always go up.

      now almost two months. Every night time made 1 points to 2 points or so. The weather is cold. My wife asked me to accompany sleep, sometimes accompany she fell asleep and I get up the station. Maybe it was late on more, a careful analysis of the key antecedents of.IP I finally found the IP that a few key words. For example, Warcraft 1.20E download Warcraft cheats, CS map.CS. Download. What can bring more than and 100 IP.. To less every day. Go to Baidu search under the word. The vane of Warcraft Raiders day was found only 200 times, and I get a few ten it should be pretty good. Then. The feeling is not their station content orientation is not ready? This needs content users too little. This station cannot continue. To change. We must change the single game. Stations have no money, no way!

      consider good. Now think of the Internet are mostly young people. The Internet to find either Psycholagny XX message (no, the space does not allow, or is required for entertainment) (network game predominantly) or learn to work (money, promotion, learning the second is interest). "

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