Who does not understand the love but the law Domain name fahai com online lawyer platform

renamed China (eName.cn) September 3rd hearing, to focus on the online platform "lawyer circles venture Fahai net", in the opening of Larry domain fahai.com on-line soon, won the "music capital" and "Jin Du law" 4 million yuan angel investment.


: Fahai net home page

Chinese Larry domain fahai.com translated as "snake", meaning pun, both "law of the sea", in accordance with the nature of the service, the site of the second, "White Snake" is identical with the legend of "White Snake" in ancient Chinese FA Hal name, more network pop songs "love" to help you do not understand him simple, easy to remember, very spread. According to whois information inquiries, domain name fahai.com registered in September 24, 2004, the latest update time for this year in August 1st.

in addition, compared to other competitors, Fahai network has a first mover advantage in human resources, is one of the best gold Du Chinese firm, in the legal circle no one knows, these factors will undoubtedly conducive to the development of the brand Fahai network. It is reported that the network will work Fahai electricity supplier in the standard process, as far as possible to allow the machine to undertake repetitive work, and the quality of lawyer resources into legal services more sophisticated, personalized.

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