nternet entrepreneurship entrepreneurial process

      everyone is with a good wish to come to the Internet business, but in reality the operation often feel very confused very confused, how not to imagine so good? In fact, the reason is very simple, you do not have to walk every step of the business. Not a very good basis for each step, it is impossible to have a good harvest. This whole process is a project planning, but also because of the network and therefore, we call the network project planning. And I’ve seen some people have a website planner this argument, but in fact it is not complete, the real planning is a project, the site is only a means to achieve. So we discuss together, what are the steps to go.

      the first step should be to find a project, which is what you want to enter the network. Generally speaking, it will be easier to work in a familiar area, but not limited to this. In the process of looking for the project, we generally proceed from the following aspects: first, the future development trend. Understanding the future development trend is the first consideration of the project, because it is related to the life of a project you are about to do. A simple example, would you like to be a news station like Sina now? Certainly not. Specific trends in the following article I have analyzed. Two, learn new concepts and techniques, such as the popular web2. 0, div+css. Web design. Some people will ask, I just want to do a stand, it is necessary to understand it? In my opinion there are, for example, Web2.0 you now have to understand what his core ideas, and then according to your understanding of your project, the project is certainly good for you.

      the second step is to verify the feasibility of your ideas. Mainly from several aspects: first, to verify the technology, you have to consider the requirements of the project now has no technical difficulties, there are technical difficulties that should be considered as an individual business team to solve, for the introduction of venture capital. Of course, I’ll be talking about the next series. Two, the market, that is, your target customers will bring you what kind of market, and your investment in line with or not. Do not make a lot of investment and your target customers are very few, you can not bring economic benefits. You’d better estimate the expected value of your site during this period.

      entrepreneurship third step, but also a lot of people tend to ignore a step, write a plan. Someone might be laughing. What am I doing? OK, do you have any time when I feel very confused, why do you think? Do you have time to be lazy, very frustrated? If this is not your own positive adjustment you may project halfway and fees. And the book also helps you to correct some of your mistakes, so planning is very important. Of course, the book is not a bit unchanged, he is also with your vision and understanding to make some changes. In planning >

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