Baidu launched an open platform or subversion download sites and other six industries

Tencent Francisco August 26th message, Wang Hua users enter in Baidu keyword "happy net" 3 words, the surprise is the first Baidu search results is the happy net login box, enter the happy net account can be directly landing. Wang Hua was surprised by the change. In the past, Wang Hua landing happy network or, must be in the search to enter the above two sites before landing. But now, Baidu has become a direct entrance to the happy network.

actually, these changes are only part of the Baidu Aladdin plan. Aladdin is a universal open platform launched by Baidu, which will open the interface to the owner of the unique information data, which can not solve the existing search engines crawl and retrieval of dark network information. Baidu is currently under the Aladdin plan to open platform Baidu, this program complete content will be officially released in early September at a Baidu conference.


by opening their own interface, cooperation and a lot of happy net third party websites, Internet users not only hold a transition from "information" to "information + application requirements, and the third party websites were tightly bundled on the Baidu platform.

According to

revealed that Baidu is currently working with a number of Internet famous websites and application developers cooperation, create a new secret application open platform, these web services to application modules, directly in the search results page to show users instant use". Including watercress, Jinshan and other well-known companies are invited to test the list.

but also the expert thinks, because Baidu has the largest Internet traffic China, its open platform will bring great changes to the entire Internet industry, especially the disruptive impact caused by industry segments to download, online travel, video, antivirus, recruitment etc..

download site: will be affected by a large area of Sky Software benefit

Tencent technology survey found that currently affected by Baidu’s Aladdin plan may be the biggest download site. Antivirus software to download, for example, before the user needs to download the relevant software, mostly in Baidu search, and then to the official website or professional download site to download software. But now, users can download software directly through Baidu.


Baidu search structure appears directly bovine virus download link (Tencent technology plan)

as an example of the recent acquisition of cattle by jinshan. When the user in the search box Baidu search can be cattle antivirus, the search results will be directly connected to the official download of the virus can be downloaded, click on the download button to download the user (pictured above).

from the current point of view, the manufacturers to join Baidu open platform without paying any fees, but the benefits obtained by Baidu is obvious, the page content is more valuable, and the realization of the Internet, that is, search". Users do not need to click multiple applications can be achieved.

but the trouble is: other download sites >

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